Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega

Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega

Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega: In the world of professional wrestling, there are often questions about the relationships between different wrestlers. One such question that frequently arises is whether Zelina Vega is related to Savio Vega. To answer this question and provide more context, let’s delve into who Zelina Vega and Savio Vega are individually, their backgrounds, and whether there is any familial connection between them.

Who is Zelina Vega?

Zelina Vega, also known as Thea Megan Trinidad, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. Born on December 27, 1990, in the Queens borough of New York City, Zelina Vega has made her mark in various wrestling promotions, including WWE.

Growing up, Zelina was deeply influenced by her father, Michael, and younger brother, Timothy, who shared her passion for professional wrestling. She found inspiration in watching wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Lita, igniting her own dreams of stepping into the ring one day.

Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega
Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega

Tragically, when Zelina was just 10 years old, her father lost his life in the September 11 attacks. Despite this heartbreaking loss, Zelina’s connection to her father and his love for wrestling became a driving force in her pursuit of a career in the industry.

Zelina Vega’s journey in wrestling began with her debut in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring name Rosita. During her time in TNA, she achieved success as a one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion alongside Sarita. Her talent and dedication soon caught the attention of WWE.

In 2017, Zelina Vega made her debut on WWE’s NXT brand, adopting the ring name Zelina Vega. She primarily served as the manager of Andrade “Cien” Almas, showcasing her skills not only in the ring but also as a compelling on-screen personality.

Is Zelina Vega Related To Savio Vega

Throughout her career in WWE, Zelina Vega has demonstrated versatility, competing as both a manager and a wrestler. She has been involved in various storylines and feuds, earning accolades such as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and the inaugural winner of the Queen’s Crown tournament in 2021.

Off-screen, Zelina Vega has also ventured into acting, portraying the role of fellow wrestler AJ Lee in the biographical film “Fighting with My Family.” Her multifaceted talents and passion for wrestling continue to captivate audiences around the world.

Who is Savio Vega?

Savio Vega, born Juan Rivera on August 10, 1964, in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, is a retired professional wrestler with a storied career spanning several decades. Emerging from Puerto Rico, Savio Vega left an indelible mark on the world of wrestling with his unique persona and in-ring prowess.

Vega’s journey in wrestling began in the late 1980s, honing his skills and establishing himself as a formidable competitor. He gained widespread recognition during his time in WWE (then known as WWF), where he competed from 1994 to 1998.

Throughout his tenure in WWE, Savio Vega was involved in various storylines and factions, including memorable stints with the Nation of Domination and Los Boricuas. One of his notable feuds was with the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, culminating in a Caribbean Strap Match that remains etched in wrestling history.

Beyond WWE, Savio Vega’s career extended to other wrestling promotions, including WCW and TNA, where he continued to showcase his talent and resilience in the ring. His contributions to the wrestling industry have earned him a place of respect among fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Today, Savio Vega may have retired from active competition, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts. He occasionally makes appearances at wrestling conventions and events, sharing his experiences and insights with a new generation of fans.

Is Zelina Vega Related to Savio Vega?

Despite sharing the same last name, Zelina Vega and Savio Vega are not related to each other. While they both have roots in professional wrestling and have achieved success in their respective careers, there is no familial connection between them.

Zelina Vega, born Thea Megan Trinidad, hails from Queens, New York, with Puerto Rican descent. On the other hand, Savio Vega, whose real name is Juan Rivera, was born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Their paths in wrestling have taken them on separate journeys, with no evidence to suggest any kinship between them.

Furthermore, Zelina Vega and Savio Vega have distinct backgrounds, wrestling personas, and career trajectories. Zelina Vega rose to prominence in WWE as both a manager and a wrestler, while Savio Vega made his mark through his performances in various wrestling organizations, including WWE, WCW, and TNA.

While fans may speculate about potential connections due to their shared last name, it is essential to recognize that Zelina Vega and Savio Vega are individuals with their own identities and stories in the world of professional wrestling.


In the realm of professional wrestling, questions about relationships and connections between wrestlers often arise, sparking curiosity among fans. The inquiry into whether Zelina Vega is related to Savio Vega is one such example, fueled by their shared last name and presence in the wrestling industry.

However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that Zelina Vega and Savio Vega are not related to each other. Despite their common surname, they come from different backgrounds, have distinct wrestling careers, and lack any familial ties.

Zelina Vega has carved her path as a talented wrestler and manager, captivating audiences with her charisma and skill in the ring. Similarly, Savio Vega has left an enduring legacy in wrestling, earning respect for his contributions to the sport over the years.

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Who is Zelina Vega’s father?

Zelina Vega’s father is Michael Trinidad.

Does Zelina Vega have tattoos?

Yes, Zelina Vega has tattoos on her body. She credits her husband Malakai Black for influencing her tattoo choices.

Is Amazing Red related to Zelina Vega?

Yes, Amazing Red is related to Zelina Vega. He is her cousin, along with being the cousin of wrestlers Joel and Jose Maximo. Amazing Red announced his retirement from professional wrestling in April 2019 due to a severe neck injury.

What country is Zelina Vega from?

Zelina Vega is from the United States of America.

Is Savio Vega related to Zelina Vega?

No, Savio Vega is not related to Zelina Vega. Despite their similar last names, they are not family. Zelina’s real name is Thea, and she comes from the Trinidad family, while Savio Vega has a different background.

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